Cyber Security




Why you need to know about cyber security

Cyber security is about protecting your computer-based equipment and information from unintended or unauthorised access, change, or destruction. 66% of small UK businesses don’t think they are vulnerable to cyber security threats, but last year alone 33% of small UK businesses suffered from an attack by someone outside their business. Knock-on effects of a cyber attack on your business can result in not only loss of valuable information, but also loss of customers as well as a damaged reputation.

What is directly at risk?

Your money, your IT equipment, your IT-based services and your information. Information is an asset that can take many forms: client lists, customer databases, your financial details, your customers’ financial details, deals you are making or considering, your pricing information, product designs or manufacturing processes. There is a risk to your IT services and information wherever they are stored, whether held on your own systems and devices, or on third-party hosted systems (the cloud).

Download our free booklet for advice on how to protect your business

You can save money through adopting an efficient risk management approach – plan, implement and review. You can gain a competitive advantage by being seen to take security seriously. Good security can be an enabler for a thriving business: you will be protecting your assets, your reputation, your customers, and your peace of mind. Download our advice booklet here: PDF. For advice and help on implementing the steps in our booklet please fill in the contact form on this page.